Zoo Visitors Impressed By Number Of Animals Willing To Eat Change

NAPLES, FL—Delighting at the chance to interact up close with the wildlife, visitors to the Naples Zoo confirmed Wednesday they were impressed by the number of animals on the premises that were willing to eat loose change. “I was pleasantly surprised by how many of these guys will just munch on whatever I have in my pocket,” said first-time visitor Frank Brown, tossing a handful of assorted coins into the African grassland habitat in order to “watch the antelopes go nuts trying to eat it.” “Look at them, it’s like dimes are their favorite food! Pretty much all of the animals here in the savanna exhibit will gulp them right down. A lot of these creatures will even come up to you and eat the pennies straight out of your palm. Try it! I knew the giraffes would go for it for sure—they’ll eat anything—but I was surprised the sea lions did too. They started fighting over that CVS receipt like it was a fish.” At press time, Brown was reportedly ecstatic to discover an equally enjoyable zoo activity in screaming at the sleeping zebras to wake up.

Источник: Lifehacker