Woman Annoyed At Mother’s Suggestion To Consider Freezing Her Leftovers

NEW HAVEN, CT—Dramatically rolling her eyes as the comment was made, local woman Katrina Barnes, reportedly became annoyed at her mother Thursday for suggesting it might be time to consider freezing her leftovers. “Sweetheart, don’t get mad, but I think you’re at an age now when you need to start planning ahead for future meals,” said Barnes’ mother Diana, explaining that deliberately setting aside some good lasagna now would ensure that there will still be some left by the time she’s ready to eat it. “It’ll give you a sense of security knowing you have a perfectly cooked dish that you can easily heat up later, and then you can focus on finding someone to help you with the meal. I mean, you do want to have lasagna someday, right? Well, you’re not getting any younger, and it’s way too much to consider eating all by yourself. Why let it go to waste?” At press time, Barnes had polished off the entire container of lasagna by the time her mother finished her lecture.

Источник: Lifehacker