Walgreens Pharmacist Far Too Chipper Not To Be Selling Painkillers On The Side

GREEN BAY, WI—Noticing the unusually cheerful tone in the voice of the employee behind the pickup counter, customer Janelle Ramos told reporters Monday that a pharmacist at her local Walgreens appeared far too chipper not to be selling painkillers on the side. “He seems genuinely happy to be here, so you just have to assume he’s making a ton of cash on the street by moving all the Percocet and Vicodin he steals from this place,” said Ramos, who added that the pharmacist’s sincere smile could not possibly have come from the legitimate career in which he must deal with an endless stream of people who are upset that their prescriptions aren’t ready yet or that their insurance has not been processed correctly. “Probably fentanyl, too, because it’s got to be some serious money for him to be acting this polite to everybody and not at all like he hates his job and wants to kill himself in the bathroom on his next break.” Later, when the pharmacist picked up the phone and a look of heartfelt concern spread across his face, Ramos explained that he had probably just received a tip that the drugstore was about to be raided by federal agents.

Источник: Lifehacker