Paleontologists Discover Fossil Evidence Of Career-Oriented Dinosaur Who Froze Eggs

MEADE COUNTY, SD—In a first-of-its-kind discovery that suggests not all Cretaceous-period females prioritized the traditional goals of settling down and having children, paleontologists from Boston University announced Monday they had found fossil evidence of a career-oriented dinosaur who froze her eggs. “This Tyrannosaurus rex specimen is remarkable, because she provides us with proof that at least some of her kind favored their professional ambitions over producing viable offspring for the herd,” said Professor Greg Loeb, head of the team that excavated the fossilized remains of the dinosaur, which appeared not to have had a mate and to have been nearing the end of her fertility just as she started to hit her stride as a fearsome apex predator. “With the time it took her to hunt and work her way up the food chain, she likely had no choice but to delay parenthood and freeze her eggs until the right male came along. How was she supposed to have the energy to look after a bunch of hatchlings when she was busy all day using 12,000 pounds of bite force to crush the bones of her prey?” According to the paleontologists, the arrangement of fossils found at the site suggest the tyrannosaur was probably on her way to have her eggs thawed and fertilized for incubation when, along with most animal life on the planet, she was wiped out by a massive asteroid.

Источник: Lifehacker